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Give away your downloadable products for a social "favour"

In today's "World of Mouth" and "Social Marketing" power giving products away for a social favour could promote your product better than thousands of dollars promotion budgets. Twitter Payment is Free to use, you can create unlimited Pay with a Tweet buttons.

Use Twitter & Facebook

You can choose to require either a Twitter status update on the users Twitter profile or a Post to the user's Facebook Wall in order to make them able to download your products, books, etc. By letting users do the promotion for you, you will receive a lot more visitors to your website.

Create your free Pay with a Tweet button now!

Test How It Works!

Download our demo E-book which is just a blank PDF file and it requires a Twitter Status Update

pay with a tweet or facebook wall post

Download our test product for a
Facebook Wall Post

fb dw

Download our test product for a
Twitter Status Update

tw dw