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Little over 25 years ago Sir Tim Berners-Lee launched the first website, this iconic moment gave birth to what is known as the World Wide Web. As the name suggests, it is a world-wide communication platform. Since then we have witnessed the emergence, and rapid expansion, of the social media phenomenon. The rapid expansion in popularity of social media, especially over the last 5 years, has changed the way that businesses and consumers engage. With the two main social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook, each having over a billion users; the marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes are endless.

What good has social media brought the world?
There are two distinct, yet often combined, categories relating to the use of social media: The first being the almost unrestricted interconnectivity that such platforms allow. People can now communicate with friends and family around the world, sharing photographs and videos, their thoughts and feelings, sharing news relating to current events and engaging in discussions, wishing people happy birthday or congratulating them on significant life events. The second aspect is the commercial benefits that social media has brought. Companies can now interact directly with consumers at different levels bringing significant advantages to customer relations and services. As a marketing tool, social media allows all businesses, from multinational companies to small independent traders, to take advantage of extremely targeted advertising to reach potential clients both on a local level and internationally.

Social media as a marketing tool
The efficient use of social media allows businesses to reach a huge global audience, even with the smallest of marketing budgets. Social media marketing now plays a major part in the marketing strategy of the majority of companies. The very nature of social media, with emphasis on the fact that the journey of content is user driven on a “social” level, friends sharing and interacting with content created by other users, celebrities, organisations and businesses has generated a vast amount of demographic information. The availability of social media tools such as Pay by Tweet, Hootsuite and many others enables marketers to optimise their efforts. The combined use of social media tools and apps along with demographic information for targeted advertising campaigns are some of the main advantages which social media can offer to businesses. Research shows that targeted marketing also delivers an enhanced user experience as the advertisements seen are based on the interests and previous activity of the user.

Reaching a target market and build a community
Building a community of followers can often be a hurdle that companies face when using social media for marketing purposes, simply having social media accounts and just posting odd things now and then is not enough. Users want, and expect more. Developing and implementing a multichannel social media strategy that incorporates the consistent creation of fresh and engaging content and the use of appropriate social media tools and apps is the key to success. Pay by Tweet is an extremely powerful and free social media tool that can be used to increase both brand awareness and the overall social media exposure. The concept behind Pay by Tweet is similar to those used by digital marketers when building email lists with lead magnets. But instead of a user having to fill in a form to download a product, free trial of a product, a book, report or attend a webinar users are required to either Tweet a status update on their Twitter profile or a Post to their Facebook Wall to gain access to the download. Users can create unlimited Pay with a Tweet and Pay with a Wall Post buttons. The social media buttons can also be designed to incorporate images by adding HTML code. Requesting a social favour is a great way to boost your social media presence, as well as increase traffic to your website, all without a large marketing budget.

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