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Fill in the form below to create your own "Pay with a Tweet" or "Pay with s Wall Post" button. You can place the button directly on your website.

Fill in the name for the product you want to sell with Twitter Payment. This is the name your users will see. Be as descriptive as possible. For example: do you sell an e-book download? Fill in the name of the book.

This is the link to the download file, where the users will be redirected to after a succesfull Tweet or Wall Post. For example :

This is the message your users will post on either Twitter or Facebook. The maximum length is 140 characters, the same as Twitters max chars.

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Test How It Works!

Download our demo E-book which is just a blank PDF file and it requires a Twitter Status Update

pay with a tweet or facebook wall post

Download our test product for a
Facebook Wall Post

fb dw

Download our test product for a
Twitter Status Update

tw dw