Frequently asked questions

How is it working?

First step is to create a button. After button generation you will get a list of codes which you publish to forums, your own websites, give to others directly etc. When people click your links they're redirected to our site and then they will be required to post to twitter or facebook depending on what they choosed. On final stage, they will be redirected to your indicated download URL.

Can I generate multiple buttons?

Yes, indeed. You can create as many free "Pay with a Tweet" buttons as you want. For this service we only ask you to please pay us a Tweet, Facebook Wall Post or follow us on Twitter.

Is this service free?

Yes, our Twitter Payment service is completely for everybody to use, but if you want to pay us, please pay us with a Tweet, Facebook Like of a Google Plus One!

How can I edit the button settings?

Please check the email we sent you when you've initially created the button and use the remove link. Then you can create a new one from scratch using our create a button form.

Can I change the button image?

Yes, you can use the raw link and place your own button or image using the according html tags.

Test How It Works!

Download our demo E-book which is just a blank PDF file and it requires a Twitter Status Update

pay with a tweet or facebook wall post

Download our test product for a
Facebook Wall Post

fb dw

Download our test product for a
Twitter Status Update

tw dw